Doctors: Button Pushers?

I recently had the pleasure of touring Genghis Kern, a local letterpress shop. What does letterpress printing have to do with medical technology, you may ask? Simple, the human component.

The introduction of a moveable type offered a more mechanized solution for printing, but there was still a need for professionals for artful operation. In the MedTech industry therapies are being automated all the time, but the final treatment is prescribed by the physician, not the machine. There is a necessity to creatively problem solve and compensate for unseen issues that cannot be predicted by technology. The combination of flexibility and knowledge makes what the physician does an art rather than basic data entry.

One challenge of my job is to find out what doctors and nurses are saying about these new devices and incorporate their feedback for better usability and better results. When products are in development I serve as a translator between engineers and users to refine functionality. Keeping that human component in mind, my aim is to develop simplified ways for an array of users to interact with the device so that pertinent information is communicated quickly and accurately.

Truly effective solutions come from a marriage of technology and human interaction. At Ubiquity this is true for everything from user interfaces to marketing strategies. I truly enjoy the challenge of finding the compelling common ground among the seemingly unrelated. Are there skills your job requires that goes beyond the technology of your industry?


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